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Project Description
Downloads and Updates the latest third party community builds of XBMC.

Please note: Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 is required for Windows XP

Windows Vista Users: if you have XBMC installed in C:\Program Files\ or any other system folder, XBMCUpdate should be started with admin right otherwise it will not have access right to update XBMC. To start XBMCUpdate as admin, right click on the icon and click on "Run as administrator". If you have XBMCUpdate setup in windows scheduler make sure you have the option "Run with highest privileges checked".

Command line arguments:

/Tray -- Causes the app to launch in minimized state, recommended if you are adding XBMCUpdate to your system startup or windows schedule
/Update -- Causes the app to initiate and update upon start and terminate itself 5 seconds after completion.

xbmcupdate.exe /tray /update --start in tray, update and shutdown
xbmcupdate.exe /update -- start, update and shutdown while showing you the progress and status.

If you are going to use any of these parameters remember to set your XBMC path in 'xbmcupdate.exe.confg' or run a manual update for the first time (start without arguments and click update.).

If you had any issues or suggestions please start a Discussion or add a workitem to Issue Tracker. make sure you include your log file if reporting an issue. log files are located in 'Logs' sub folder


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