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Command line arguments:

/Tray -- Causes the app to launch in minimized state, recommanded if you are adding XBMCUpdate to your system startup or windows schedule
/Update -- Causes the app to initiate and update upon start and terminate itself 5 seconds after completediton.

xbmcupdate.exe /tray /update --start in tray, update and shutdown
xbmcupdate.exe /update -- start, update and shutdown while showing you the progress and status.

If your gonna use any of these parameters remember to set your XBMC path in 'xbmcupdate.exe.confg' or run a manual update for the first time (start without arguments and click update.).

If you had any issues or suggestions please start a Discussion or add a workitem to Issue Tracker. make sure you include your log file if reporting an issue. log files are located in 'Logs' sub folder

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